Organizations to follow:

             Panzi Foundation USA

Previous Blog Posts:

De Reus, L. (2013, March 8). Why I work with rape survivors in Africa. Retrieved from

De Reus, L. (2013, April 23). A needed controversy over sexualized violence in Democratic Republic of Congo. Retrieved from                                                                                                                      sexualized-violence-in-democratic-republic-of-con

May 2011:       Professor and Carl Wilkens Fellow Lee Ann De Reus reflects on why she has become a leading advocate for ending genocide and crimes against humanity.


             December 2010: Interview about Panzi Foundation USA and work in DR Congo with Herstory Network. 

             August 2009: Conversations from Penn State, WPSU television episode on        genocide in Darfur  (57 min.),

             October 2009: US Holocuast Memorial Museum, Voices on Genocide Prevention Podcast Series, Survivors Not Victims,

             Professor Lee Ann de Reus talks about 30 interviews she conducted with women rape survivors at Congo’s Panzi Hospital. De Reus is also a Carl Wilkens Fellow with the Genocide Intervention Network.

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