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  1. Holly Blosser Yoder says:

    Hello Lee Ann,
    Thank you for your work as an activist scholar supporting women in Congo. I have been vaguely aware of the conflict in Congo for a long time, having lived and worked in Ethiopia and two other countries in the region for Mennonite Central Committee several terms for a total of 8 1/2 years. However, my awareness was recently raised to a new level when I met a Congalese woman at a bed and breakfast in Washington DC. A former diplomat, she founded a Congolese mothers organization that she described as “rescuing child soldiers” and rehabilitating them. I was moved and inspired by her commitment. So when I saw Dr Mukwege’s editorial today in the NYT, I paid attention, and found my way to your website and listened to your TED talk. As a former Africa worker and a feminist, I appreciate your tone very much. I am still thinking about what I might do to support your work. In the meantime, I just want to say, I will hold you in my thoughts and will continue to seek to learn more about Congo and the conflict minerals that fund its ongoing violence.
    Holly Blosser Yoder


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