Search Inside Yourself Leadership Institute 28-day challenge: Day 2 (Ignore the Heavy Breathing)

It’s Monday. This is where it gets real. How do I bring mindfulness and meditation to work?

Today’s SIYLI prompt was to take three mindful breaths. My reaction was, “Really? That’s it? Seems like a pretty whimpy challenge.” Enter the inner critic voice that loves to ruin a party. I decided to save the breathing exercise for the metro ride to work. The accompanying reflection prompt was to “notice the impact.” Not sure there is much impact to report other than likely scaring the poor guy sitting next to me with all my heavy breathing.

More meaningful was using the loving-kindness meditation from yesterday and taking a couple of minutes to wish love, peace, joy, and health to each of my staff by name before I got to work. This actually did have impact. I felt a slight shift towards lightness of being when I entered the office. Seems like the heavy breathing might be paying off.

I know I haven’t connected this to feminist leadership. Stay tuned!

About Lee Ann De Reus

Executive Director, DV LEAP; Co-founder, Panzi Foundation USA
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1 Response to Search Inside Yourself Leadership Institute 28-day challenge: Day 2 (Ignore the Heavy Breathing)

  1. gamaduke says:

    Taking the time for mindful meditation is such a wonderful thing! It sounds like your 28-Day Challenge will be both challenging and rewarding. I’m really enjoying hearing about what you are working on.

    While I’m in ireland each year I spend time at Dzoghen Beara Buddhist Meditation Centre in County Cork. It is so empowering when you get into a habit of doing it. I always seem to have a hard time keeping it up when I return.


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