Questions We Must Keep Asking about Sexualized Violence in the DR Congo

Why are women’s bodies a battleground?

How are trauma and poverty factors in perpetration and victimization?

What is the supply chain not just for conflict minerals but for weapons?

How do gender norms contribute to sexualized violence?

Who is funding armed groups?

Who are the individuals outside of the DRC that provide leadership and strategy to armed groups?

Impunity for perpetrators is generalized and linked to failed and/or corrupt legal systems in the DRC. Is this true at all levels from local to national? What other factors contribute to impunity?

Who is benefitting financially from the crisis in eastern DRC?

What is the role of neighboring countries in the violence?

How do land rights, corporate interests, control over mineral resources, citizenship rights, and displacement contribute to sexualized violence?

How do Christian beliefs, pastors, churches intersect with sexualized violence?

What fuels the stigma associated with rape?

Why do some husbands accept their wives who have been violated?

What is the future of children born from rape?


About Lee Ann De Reus

Executive Director, DV LEAP; Co-founder, Panzi Foundation USA
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