Sabbatical Begins in Rwanda, DR Congo!

I’m thrilled to have arrived in Kigali for the start of my sabbatical – and to be writing again (yea!) – under a mosquito net (double yea!). The familiarity of this place is comforting and it feels like home. This is certainly thanks to the kindness of my Rwandan friends such as Patrick who greeted me at the airport and arranged for transport to the guest house he so conscientiously manages. He even made sure I had the same room I rented for 3 weeks this past June.  I was here with a team of PSU students (including my daughter Arianna), 2 faculty, the chancellor of our campus, one community member, one student’s mom, and the principle of an elementary school. We inhabited most of this compound, turning it into our own cultural exchange center where Rwanda met Happy Valley. It’s not the same without the team here – however, it is much quieter!

I will check in on PSU projects in Kigali for a few days and then head to Panzi Hospital to work on Panzi Foundation USA initiatives and my own research about maternal acceptance and rejection of children born of rape. It will be terrific to be back at the hospital. I have 3 months to accomplish much, reconnect with my Congolese friends, and work even harder to raise awareness in the US about not just tragedy but hope in the DRC. Stay tuned…….!

About Lee Ann De Reus

Executive Director, DV LEAP; Co-founder, Panzi Foundation USA
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2 Responses to Sabbatical Begins in Rwanda, DR Congo!

  1. Sarah O'Donald says:

    Lee Ann, always thinking about you and that one day, when I finish grad. school, you’d be the perfect boss! Love your post. You are truly an inspiration for all of us fighting the good fight in all parts of the world. I miss having you as a professor and hearing your stories. I hope you are well and enjoying your stay in Kigali. Good luck with everything. I’ll be thinking of you and the people you work with and meet at the Panzi Hospital for the next 3 months. Wishing you all good health and wellness!!!


  2. Thanks so much, Sarah! I think you’d make the perfect PARTNER/COLLABORATOR on any endeavor! And thanks for all the work YOU do to make a difference. Wish I still had you in class or on one of our PSU international trips. But now you can come back to guest lecture and share your OWN stories about Teach for America! All the best to you. Good luck with grad school!


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