Junk Mail and Weapons of Mass Destruction

I get an assortment of junk mail each week but today was a first – a 50-page gun catalog from a major Pennsylvania firearms dealer. At first I laughed, thinking this was some sort of a joke, but it was an error in delivery and addressed to another house “or current resident.” Amusement-turned-curiosity quickly evolved into alarm at the hundreds of weapons featured throughout and the thought of neighbors with their own private arsenals. Available for purchase were semi-automatic rifles, pink revolvers, Zombie targets, guns by “Savage” which uses, what else, but an American Indian in a feather headdress as its logo. There were gun silencers and “personal defense ammo” (as opposed to the critical defense bullets), described as having “rapid expansion and fragmentation,” “bloodhunter” spotlights, and a free hoodie with the purchase of 3 boxes of ammunition. The incredible volume represented here and the obvious ease of accessibility to weapons was disturbing.

What type of gun killed the 3 children and a Rabbi in France on Monday, or the 16 Afghan civilians, or 17-year-old Trayvon Martin?  Who do gun laws protect? Speaking of laws, do I have to forward this catalog?  Or, ironically, am I supposed to be “a good neighbor” and drop it on his porch? What’s neighborly? An anti-Semite? An armed neighborhood watchman? An armed US soldier in Afghanistan?

Oh, and the guy in our borough who gets this WMD junk mail? He operates a bondage website, according to the local police who investigated concerns by pedestrians that they could see a bound and gagged woman through a basement window. You can draw your own conclusions.

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One Response to Junk Mail and Weapons of Mass Destruction

  1. russell stiles says:

    Ah, behind the closed draperies of H-burg, I could tell you amazing stories. We have such a long journey until we can wash the blood from hands.


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